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Magnetic gear metering pumps MGM series
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Tianjin Longwin Machinery Co.,Ltd.is set for production,trade and service companies,We mainly produce magnetic gear meteringpump,gear metering pumps,and magnetic gear pump.Our vision has always been to focus in high-end market, mainly for petroleum,chemical industry,metallurgy,electric power,paper,grain and oil, medicine,water treatment and other industries which must not occur fluid leakage and accurate measurement occasions to design and manufacture.At beginning, we import stainless steel gear pump,magnetic gear pumps and gear metering pump to sale.In 2003 Webegin to produce stainless steel gear pumps, magnetic drive gear pumps,gear metering pumps.  

To enter high-end gear pump domestic market, We have advanced technology to develop and have a number of gear pump's patented technology. the productions of gear metering pumps, magnetic gear metering pumps, and gear pumps have further improved in quality, so we are able to replace imported products in many areas to achieve the complete product localization.

Processing base is located in the Beichen Hi-tech Development Zone, the company covers an area of 40,000 square meters, relying on Nankai University, Tianjin University, Tianjin Institute of Technology and other institutions of higher education technology and talent advantages, research and development capacity continues to increase. Currently has 150 employees, of whom nearly 30 technical developers, senior engineer 10 people.All kinds of machining equipment, testing equipmentare more than 300, among which high-precision processing equipment imported more than 20 sets.

Tianjin is the center of Bohai Bay, In support of the Government,It has developed a new take-off economic zone as  the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta economic zone, The Bohai Bay will be the largest economic center in north China; Airbus, 100 trillion times the national ultra-speed computers, Changzheng rockets and some other high-tech projects have settled in Tianjin, That marksTianjin has been forming high-tech economic development model. Withgood technical support and unique conditions provides us with a huge external room for development ... ...


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