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 Magnetic gear pump TGM series
 Magnetic gear metering pumps MGM series
Gear metering pump MGP(R) series
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   MG, TG series of precision gear pumps and metering gear pump is a modern design that has

the international advanced level of the liquid delivery device, which uses a special linear

conjugate and Garden arc tooth profile conjugate lines, thereby greatly reducing the pump

noise and pressure pulsation, and has a unique patented design of the structure, operation

stable, friction is small, low noise, especially MGM, TGM series are driven by magnetic

systems are designed for solving leak problem in transportation process.

   MGM,MGP series manufactured in fine, high precision, usually applied in measure systems


Features :

    1)a variety of seal types

    2)high precision, flow and stability

    3)can be positive inversion, the pump has no effect on

    4)The patent design of the cooling system

    5)can be heated with a jacket

    6)The non-occurrence of side gear grinding

     7)pump body made of stainless steel, heat treatment; gear made of stainless steel, PPS, PTFE, PEEK, PVDF

    8)Operating temperature up to 250 ℃ (special request)

    9)Pressure up to 30bar

    10 low noise

    11)according to user requirements to provide special design and manufacturing

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